Reality, the

Of what we believe with all our heart; moses and the shepherd

September 1st 2013
We are told that one day when Moses was walking in the mountains he met a shepherd, who showed him the meal he had prepared. He had invited the Lord to share it with him and was sure he would come. ‘How can you believe such a thing?’ Moses asked him. ‘No one has ever seen God, and you think he is going to come and share your meal?’ Pleased at having displayed his great wisdom, he then continued on his way, leaving the poor shepherd very unhappy. Suddenly, he felt an invisible hand strike his cheek: it was God slapping him. ‘Have you taken leave of your senses?’, said God. ‘Why did you put doubt in this man’s mind? He believed I was coming to eat with him, and I was about to do so. Let that be a lesson to you.’ Like the shepherd who believed that God would come and share his meal, if we believe we can invite the sun to lunch, it will come, and it will speak to us and stay with us all through the day. You will say these are children’s stories… Maybe. But there is truth to be learned from children: one way or other what we believe comes true.