Higher self

Through which we are one with god, as is jesus

September 5th 2013
Endeavour to go within to find your spiritual centre, your higher self, through which our heavenly Father manifests in us. And once you have found it, hold on to it so fast that nothing and no one can part you from it. This is what Jesus did; he had so strengthened this link that he was able to say, ‘The Father and I are one.’ Through your higher self, you too have the possibility of becoming one with your heavenly Father. If you are not aware of this, it means you are not allowing him to manifest. Every realm in the universe has its own centre, and there are connections between these centres that you must find and bring to life. Learn to connect your heart, the centre of life within you, to that other centre, the sun, and then through the sun to the Christ, and finally through the Christ to the heavenly Father, the sovereign of all realms. The only way you can make progress is to link with higher beings by means of this connection, because through this connection flows the divine life, and it is this life that is your nourishment.