How to extract the subtle elements from it

September 6th 2013
When two people meet for the first time, they are initially strangers. Their vibrations are not in harmony, and it is hard for them to understand each other. But time passes, and through their exchanges they begin to attune to one another. Don’t be surprised if I tell you that this is what happens with food. When it arrives at your table, no matter whether it comes from nearby or far away, it is as if you had invited a stranger into your home – your body – and before you allow them in, it is desirable to get to know them first. When you are about to eat fruit, hold it for a few moments in your hand to give it your love and gratitude. The fruit will be much better disposed towards you, let’s say, now that you have made a connection with it. The food we eat every day is not just raw matter; it contains subtle, imponderable elements. But we can only extract those subtle elements if we imbue it with our love so that it opens up to us.