Trains, changing

To get closer to our destination

September 8th 2013
When you take the train to a distant town, it is not always possible to travel straight there; at some point you have to get off and change trains, and so you have to be careful not to miss the stop. On the great journey of life you are embarked on, you also have a destination to reach. But in this case, it is an inner destination, whatever name you want to call it by. It’s like a light shining in the distance, and to get closer you have to keep sensing at what point to get off and change trains. No staff at any station can give you this information. At different times in your life, fate offers you opportunities to attain a higher degree of consciousness. It is up to you to sense this and to make the effort to change trains to get closer to your destination, for such opportunities will certainly not present themselves again, or only after a very long time. And then, what a lot of time you will have wasted!