Begin by doing a great deal of work on yourself

September 9th 2013
No one entering an academy of music to study singing or a musical instrument believes that in a few months they will be able to sing at the Opera or play in a concert. Why then do some people imagine that as soon as they have taken their first steps in an initiatic school they will be speaking with archangels, commanding the forces of nature, healing the sick, travelling through space, and so on? There is great confusion in the mind of many spiritual people concerning this. The words ‘initiation’ and ‘initiatic school’ usually make them think they will receive a teaching that enables them to possess supernatural faculties and powers in no time at all. No, the teaching they receive will require them first and foremost to work on themselves, so that they can discipline their physical body, their feelings and their thoughts, and this work requires that they be willing to make small, modest daily efforts. This is what will take them a long way, but they must begin by working without expecting grand results.