Divinity, the

We must see in each being

September 13th 2013
A spiritual Master strives to see in other beings the divinities they have not yet become. He is not interested in how they are now. Whenever he meets them he thinks of the divine spark deep inside them waiting for the time when it will finally be allowed to manifest. That is the highest expression of love – knowing how to connect to the divine spark in each being and feeding and strengthening it. How different human relationships would be if when people met they too could see the man or woman before them as the guardian of a spark from the divine fire! You should look for this spark even in a criminal, and try to revive it. This is not always possible, but you should at least try. We do not always know why some people have allowed themselves to be led down a slippery slope. Nor do we know what might turn them around and suddenly rekindle the spark within them. That is why you should never pass final judgment on anyone.