Spirits of light

Blessings they bring to those who invite them

September 21st 2013
The spirits of light intervene only when asked. If nothing is asked of them, they do not come in. Angels occasionally look in on humans, but even if you are prey to dark entities they will say, ‘We don’t have the right to impose on this being. We haven’t been asked for anything, so we must respect this person’s freedom.’ Only dark spirits allow themselves to come in without authorization. This is precisely what differentiates the spirits of light from the spirits of the dark. The spirits of the dark respect nothing. Spirits of light, on the other hand, wait for you to become open to them. And when they feel they are invited, what a joy it is for them! They see you as an awakened being, and they sing, ‘We, the powers of heaven, may at last enter these souls to help them and work with them’, and they inspire your thoughts, your feelings, your actions and your words.