Fairy tales

Analogies with our own life

September 22nd 2013
Analogies exist in one form or another between human experiences and the wonderful adventures told in fairy tales. Yes, you are all princes and princesses, and you have all riches within you – your heart, mind, soul and spirit are like chests full of gold and precious stones. And you too are magicians: your speech is a magic wand, and you have not yet experienced its true power. And yet, you already know it: you say something kind to someone, and you immediately see the result. You insult them, and again you immediately see the result. You haven’t touched the person, you haven’t wounded them with a knife, and yet they are wounded as if you had. Yes, the spoken word is magic. So, watch what you say. But first watch your thoughts and feelings, so that they may inspire you with the words you need to bring comfort, peace and joy, like good genies, wherever you go.