Heat, light, magnetism and electricity

How they correspond to the mouth, forehead, eyes and nose

September 23rd 2013
Heat, light, magnetism and electricity are four phenomena that have been particularly well studied in physics. And these natural phenomena happen to correspond to parts of our face. That may surprise you. Well, here are the correspondences. The mouth is linked to heat, the nose to electricity, the eyes to magnetism, the forehead to light. And the mouth (heat) is related to the eyes (magnetism). In other words, the heart is linked to the soul: through our eyes we absorb spiritual food, just as through our mouth we absorb physical food. As for the nose (electricity), it is related to the forehead (light). In other words, the mind is linked to the spirit: just as the nose distinguishes smells, so the mind distinguishes good from bad and true from false by means of wisdom, while the spirit – the forehead – perceives the realities of the divine world.