Why it remains an obscure matter for christians

September 25th 2013
The genital organs not only allow humans to ensure the perpetuation of the species, they also enable them to take part in the divine life. But Christianity has never really wished to or known how to speak correctly on this subject. Firstly, it removed Jesus from the human condition by declaring that he was born of a virgin through the workings of the Holy Spirit. The whole question of love and sexuality, which is so crucial, is thus obscured, and the word ‘purity’ itself can only be understood in a very narrow sense. How can one fail to see that purity as it has been presented to Christians is simply an enemy of life? But life defends itself. And if you try to frustrate sexual energy instead of understanding why and how you could channel it to achieve the greatest spiritual realizations, you will one day produce phenomena similar to a dam bursting. So you should not be surprised if this ‘bursting’ leads to all sorts of excesses and drives men and women to commit senseless, criminal acts.