Technical progress should not exempt us from making efforts

October 25th 2017
Because there are so many machines, instruments and products that do everything for us and make our lives effortless, human beings are sinking deeper and deeper into laziness, both physical and mental. How much activity, how many exercises of endurance or will-power have they given up since the invention of cars, elevators, washing machines, calculators, computers – and medicines! Of course, I approve of all this progress, because I too benefit from all the advantages that come with it. The thing is that if human beings are not careful, they will become accustomed to not making any effort and will always wait for some new machine or product to be invented to make things even easier for them... until their will becomes totally paralyzed. If human beings are to develop correctly, they must make an effort every day; they must not stop doing some physical activity, and especially should continue their mental and psychic activities. No matter what area of our life, we must never give in to finding the easy way out.