Intuition, a faculty of our higher self (MP4)

The true intelligence of life

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Subtitles in English - Length: 42' 20"

Language: Anglais

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Spontaneous lecture in French of February 14, 1981 with subtitles in English - Lenght: 42' 20"

1 – The two natures of the human being

2 – Inner side, outer side

3 – A vision of the mind

4 – It is the higher side that must govern man

‘The faculties of the mind and the heart are essential to us, but they are not enough. To guide us on all the paths of life, we need to develop a third faculty that only our higher self possesses: intuition. The intuition is similar to the mind in that it is a form of intelligence, and it is similar to the heart in that it is a form of sensation, but here the intelligence and the sensation are situated in the higher realms of the soul and the spirit. By mastering our thoughts and feelings, we will one day truly know beings and things.’


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Langue Anglais
Informations Subtitles in English - Length: 42' 20"

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