Prayer and the value of community

Its effectiveness is reinforced and multiplied

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Multi-zone DVD - PAL format - Length 50'

Language: Anglais

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Spontaneous lecture in French of April 24, 1983 - Multi-zone DVD - PAL format - Length: 50' - Subtitles in 11 languages: German, English, Bulgarian, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian.

1 - Through prayer, we capture emanations from the Lord

2 - Choose pleasures that bring blessings

3 - In the community, we improve

4 - To receive from the Heavenly Father, one must give

‘You say that you pray, that you meditate, but that there are no results. Here is a very simple but very efficient way to link yourself to the Lord. When you want to pray you create an image, that of a multitude of spirits spread throughout the whole world, but who, wherever they are, are in the process of concentrating on the Creator. Through thought, you link with these beings so as to pray with them. In this way your voice is no longer isolated in the desert of life and you appeal to Heaven together with thousands of luminous beings. Such a prayer is always heard because of the collectivity, and you benefit too. It is because you act alone that your thought does not reach its goal and it comes back to you. The secret is to unite with all those who are praying, for at every moment somewhere in the world there are beings who pray.’


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Langue Anglais
Informations Multi-zone DVD - PAL format - Length 50'

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