Paneurythmy (MP3)

Everything in the universe is rhythm

Ref: TCCD1502

Length: 34’36’’ – Orchestrated recording of the music of Paneurhythmy by Peter Deunov

Language: Anglais

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Orchestrated recording of the music of Peter Deunov's Paneurhythmy - 27 movements on 18 tracks

Paneurhythmy - 1st movement 'Awakening'

Simple CD - Duration : 34’ 36’’ – Orchestrated music from the recording Paneurythmy of Peter Deunov

Note: the 1st track contains 10 pieces which follow one another without interruption

1 - Awakening - Reconciliation - Giving - Ascension - Elevation - Opening - Release - Clap of the hands - Purification - fly
2. Évera
3. Jump
4. Weaving
5. Misli (thinks)
6. Aum
7. Izgréva slanceto (the sun rises)
8. The square
9. Beauty
10. Mobility
11. Win
12. The joy of the earth
13. Get to know
14. Beautiful day
15. We are pleased
16. Step by step
17. Koï na ranina (early morning)
18. Breathing

‘Everything in the universe is rhythm, and human beings themselves are part of this great cosmic rhythm. All their biological and psychic functions are subject to the laws of rhythm, even if this is not obvious. Depending on their way of life and on their thoughts, feelings and actions, they will harmonize to a lesser or greater extent with the universal rhythm. Music and dance are simply attempts to return to this universal rhythm or to remain within it. This is the reason why every culture attributes a divine origin to music and dance.

By creating the paneurhythmy, Master Peter Deunov gave us the means to harmonize with those rhythms in the universe that are the most beneficial.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


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Langue Anglais
Informations Length: 34’36’’ – Orchestrated recording of the music of Paneurhythmy by Peter Deunov

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