Cosmic Hierarchy and the Law of Evolution (MP4)

The universe is a living, intelligent, organized and above all hierarchical whole

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Lenght: 58'

Language: Anglais

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Improvised lecture in French of February 14, 1981 with sub-titles in English - Length: 58'

1 - In the Universe, everything must be perfected

2 - Evil is limited, good is unlimited

3 - Youth must follow as models the benefactors of humanity

4 - Two effective remedies in all circumstances

Spontaneous lecture given on 29 march, 1980
‘The universe is a living, organised and, most importantly, hierarchical whole. All the way from the densest and darkest regions of matter to the divine world, which is pure light, the universe is a hierarchy. If human beings encounter so many difficulties and experience so much suffering, it is because they do not yet have the right attitude towards this hierarchy, which has God at its summit. Only those who are aware of this hierarchy are able to see a light constantly before them, and they receive a boost to their progress along the path of evolution.’


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Langue Anglais
Informations Lenght: 58'

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