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Man in the Cosmic Body (eBook)

Ref: TCF04AN

ISBN: 9782818405895

Language: Anglais

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The themes presented in these extracts are developed in the following books from the Izvor Collection:
P202AN: Man, Master of his Destiny
P204AN: The Yoga of Nutrition
P216AN: The Living Book of Nature
P225AN: Harmony and Health
P226AN: The Book of Divine Magic
P234AN: Truth: Fruit of Wisdom and Love

- The living chain of created beings
- Harmony with the cosmic body
- Consciousness of unity
- Individual life and collective life
- The science of life
- Microcosm and macrocosm: the law of correspondences
- The basis of economics: planning
- We receive for free; we must give for free
- Life is made solely of exchanges
- Re-establishing contact with universal life
- Working with nature spirits
- Greeting creation


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