Spiritual life

It is never too late to start to develop it

January 2nd 2023

So many people have come to me and said, ‘Why did I find your teaching so late in life? I have spent my whole life in doubt and error, and now not only is it too late to undo my mistakes, but it is too late to really start a new life.’ It is true that it is better to find the light when we are young so that we may guide our life by it, but that does not mean that it is too late now that you are old. Even if you have very little time left to live, you can still learn the essential truths and immerse yourself in them. In this way, you will attain a higher level of consciousness before leaving this world. This is the great difference between the physical and the spiritual life: if you have never learned to play a musical instrument, pilot a helicopter or even sew or knit, you cannot expect to do so when you are eighty.* But when it comes to learning the laws that govern the world of the soul and the spirit, it is never too late. Every effort you make in this direction will not only make it easier for you to enter the light of the next world, but it will also help you to prepare for your next incarnation.

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