Renew your courage when you encounter difficulties

January 11th 2023

Only the Absolute, God Himself, can fulfil you, and it is only if you persevere in your quest for God that you can obtain all that you desire – and more besides. The great thing is to understand the nature of what you are doing and never to be discouraged. Anyone who reflects on the nature of their activity knows that certain difficulties are occupational hazards that come with the job.* But this does not prevent them from persevering for they know that every occupation has its drawbacks. Why should people who have chosen the spiritual life not experience occupational hazards like everybody else? If they give way to discouragement and abandon their chosen path, it shows that they have not understood this; if they had, their difficulties would stimulate them to continue with even greater ardour. When you are discouraged, your very discouragement should be a reason to renew your courage. This is true alchemy, the true philosopher’s stone.

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