Its purpose is to obtain something better

January 20th 2023

Most people only have to hear the words ‘renunciation’ or ‘sacrifice’ to be seized with terror. They say, ‘If I have to renounce this or that I shall die!’ And it is quite true, they will die if they fail to understand that the whole purpose of renunciation* is to obtain something even better. Nature has planned it all perfectly: we eat, drink and breathe, and no one wants us to deny these needs; we simply have to refine them and transpose them from the lower planes onto a higher plane. So stop thinking that privation means death. On the contrary, privation can lead to a more subtle life. To give up something is to enrich oneself by transforming one kind of energy into energy of a subtler kind. Nature gives us countless examples of this phenomenon, and if we fail to understand how it applies on the spiritual level, we shall continue to stagnate. It is this stagnation that leads to death.

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