The lord’s prayer

Bringing about heaven on earth

February 22nd 2023

In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus says, ‘Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven...’ With these words, Jesus tells human beings that it is their task to transform, beautify and purify the earth so that one day it becomes like heaven. They must not flee from the world and its difficulties because it suits them to save their ‘little soul’, but rather undertake the glorious work of bringing about heaven on earth. You will say, ‘But how? It can’t be done!’ Yes, it can. It is true that a spiritual person must seek heaven, but once they have reached it, they must also remember to bring the light of heaven, the love of heaven, the power of heaven and the purity of heaven, down into their brain, their lungs, their stomach – into their whole body. This is how, after years of effort, they will be able to achieve the union of spirit and matter within themselves.*

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