Cosmic intelligence

It increases one’s clarity of mind

April 16th 2023

Why do the lucidity, understanding and clarity of mind of some people continue to grow while in others it is just the opposite, they diminish?* The reason is that the former have a link with universal intelligence; they believe in it and love it, and little by little, it responds to that love and reveals itself to them. Whereas the latter, who refuse to acknowledge its existence, close themselves off from the path of evolution. They rely exclusively on their own intelligence, which is obliged to draw on its own reserves and is soon exhausted. Those who reject Cosmic Intelligence or deny its existence put limitations on their own mental faculties. Now you are all free to choose which it is to be: the path of all materialistic scientists and philosophers, or the path of the Initiates and great Masters, who constantly receive revelations because they continue to draw on the infinite ocean of Cosmic Intelligence.

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