Harmony (eBook)

Harmony is a form of tuning fork that tunes our different bodies

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The word "harmony" can be compared to a tuning fork which tunes our different instruments which are the physical body, the will, the heart, the intellect, the soul and the spirit. By resonating this tuning fork we put your whole being in harmony with unlimited life, cosmic life and this harmony will gradually permeate all our cells. Not only will we manage to harmonize with those around us but even more so with the luminous spirits of the invisible world.

I. Harmony
2. Medical Science Must be Based on Initiatic Science
3. The Future of Medicine
4. A Disciple Must Develop His Spiritual Senses
5. What Can We Learn From a House?
6. How Thought is Materialized on the Physical Plane
7. Meditation
8. The Human Intellect and Cosmic Intelligence
9. The Solar Plexus and the Brain
10. The Hara Centre
11. The Initiatic Heart
12. The Aura

'Meditate on harmony, love it, long for it so as to introduce it into your every gesture, every look, every word. Let the word "harmony" impregnate you; keep it within you as a kind of pitch pipe, and when you are feeling worried or upset, take it out and listen to it and do nothing until your whole being is in tune with it once more. In the morning, when you wake, remember to begin your day by tuning yourself to the world of universal harmony... When you enter a house let your first thought be: "May peace and harmony reign in this house.'


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Langue Anglais
Informations 3 illustrations - 1 photo

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