Human body

It could live much longer

May 6th 2023

Cosmic intelligence has not given human beings the possibility to live on earth forever; it has other plans for them. But it has provided them with a physical body that is capable of lasting for a very long time. The human body is designed in such a way that people could live for hundreds of years if, through their ignorance and their chaotic way of life, they did not do everything in their power to shorten their lives. And because of the unreasonable way in which earlier generations have lived, the heredity of the children born today is already compromised. If men and women are to have the possibility to once again live much longer (without relying exclusively on the progress of medical science), several generations will have to live wisely and well. One generation would not be enough, for the past is still there and the residue of negative elements cannot be eliminated so quickly. However, if human beings live and behave in accordance with certain rules today, not only will they prepare the ground for later generations, but they will also see some improvements even in this life.*

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