Asserting oneself

By means of light, love and gentleness

May 8th 2023

There is no law that forbids you from asserting yourself with others. The only question is how you set about it. A rose asserts itself, but it does so gently, by means of its beauty and its perfume. When the sun shines, it asserts itself, for it makes us take off our coats and jackets. Of course, if you do not wear a hat, you may get sunstroke, but the sun does not use violence, it does not come down from heaven intending to strike you down. It simply says, ‘Be careful, my rays are powerful. You must protect yourself, otherwise you will be burnt.’ And a rose says, ‘Be careful, if you stay close to me I will replace your miasma with my own fragrance.*’ You have just as much right as the sun and the rose to assert yourself, but it must be by means of light, love, gentleness and beauty.

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