He cannot enter without permission

May 17th 2023

It is time the Church stopped talking about the devil as though he were involved in every event and circumstance. Rather than admit that people are turning away from religion because those who represent it are not worthy of their calling, it blames the devil. The devil has even crept into the Church! How many times have I told you that if you do not have elements within yourselves that attract the devil, and if you are careful not to leave your doors wide open, he is powerless to enter you? Instead of explaining this to people, the Church says that the devil has the power to go in and out wherever he pleases, and no one can stop him. Human beings are so badly built, you see (the Lord cannot have known how to do any better!), that the devil can enter into anyone at will. No, this is quite false. The truth is that no negative power can enter you or even influence you if you do not allow it to do so. This is why Initiatic Science tells us that when it comes to saying ‘No!’ human beings are as powerful as God Himself.*

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