Holy spirit

Its coming is the most sublime experience

May 28th 2023

Nothing is more precious than to be visited by the Holy Spirit. Its coming is like a bolt of heavenly lightning. There is nothing more sublime or more meaningful. However, this celestial lightning does not immediately make those who receive it all-knowing, all-powerful and perfect. No, but it does make it possible for them to become so; it is up to them to work with the fire they have received. Unfortunately, people can also lose this grace, and to lose the Holy Spirit is the most terrible loss any human being can suffer. Many spiritualists, mystics and initiates who once possessed this fire have lost it in one way or another. Some of them managed to recover it, but at the price of what suffering, labours and tears of repentance! They had to plead with the utmost humility for a long time before the fire agreed to return to them. But once the heavenly fire returns to someone, it clings to them so stubbornly and thrusts its roots so deeply into their being that it can no longer be torn from them. From that moment on, it guides, controls and orientates the person’s life.*

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