We must first pay our debts and wipe out our karma

May 31st 2023

It is fine to want to be free, but not by just any means. Many people do everything possible to escape their obligations, run away from their duty, and sever their ties to others, thinking that they will then be free. No, that is not the way to be free. True liberation consists in paying one’s debts, not in abandoning one’s wife and children, leaving one’s job and dropping out of society... or even of life itself by committing suicide!* This would be like eating a hearty meal in a restaurant and then trying to slip out without paying the bill. It is dishonest. To behave in this way shows a lack of all sense of responsibility, and it will not be countenanced by the spirits of light who watch over us. In fact, those who try to free themselves in this way inevitably meet all kinds of new problems and constraints to teach them that they are mistaken. They have jumped from the frying pan into the fire! There can be no liberation until we have paid all our debts and wiped out our karma. We must all try to free ourselves, but only by means that are in harmony with divine law.

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