Attracting celestial light and sending it out to the whole world

June 9th 2023

During the meditations, get into the habit of concentrating on the celestial light, so as to attract it and draw it into you; there, it will gradually replace all the old, soiled and worn-out material with new particles of the utmost purity. And once you have drawn the light into you, you must then train yourself to send it out to the whole world in order to help human beings. Many people believe they are justified in giving way to a life of selfishness and mediocrity, on the pretext that they have no special talents or qualities. No, no one can be justified in doing this. Even if you are the most deprived being in every respect, you can do this work with the light, and in so doing achieve something more important and more useful than anything that can be accomplished by the most capable people in any other field. Even the most destitute being can acquire this higher state of consciousness in order to work to attract the light and send it out to all humanity.*

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