Chases away the wolves from within with light

June 23rd 2023

Jesus is often portrayed as the ‘good shepherd’ who protects his flock.* But human beings are also shepherds for their cells, which they must protect from the wolves always trying to breach the sheepfold, that is to say, germs and viruses, but also the evil spirits and undesirables that constantly assail them. When people do not apply the great truths of the divine world or live in harmony with the rules of living nature, their body weakens. This is why they must link themselves to the light, and learn to project it into their cells to drive out the ‘wolves’ from within. This is Christ’s teaching. Loving Jesus and preaching as we have been doing for the past two thousand years is of no use; this is the external side of religion, the easy side. The true religion of Christ means to place all our trust in the power of light, in the power of the spirit that revitalizes, strengthens and liberates. Then, yes, humans become good shepherds to their flock.

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