Solar rays

They give life to beings and objects

July 5th 2023

The sun’s rays give life to each object or being they fall on. Even stones need the life they receive from the sun, for although stones are inanimate, they are alive. Life is even more apparent in plants, which grow and multiply thanks to sunlight. In animals, the sun’s rays are transformed not only into vitality, but also into sensitivity. Yes, it is thanks to the sun’s rays that animals begin to feel suffering or joy. Finally, in humans, the sun’s rays are transformed into intelligence, for it is from the human realm upwards that light begins to find the welcome it needs to manifest itself as thought. The spirit that speaks through the mouth of a person is an emanation of solar light. It is light that thinks, speaks, sings and creates. As light gradually works its way into a human soul, it is reflected in the form of intelligence, love, beauty, nobility and strength.*

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