Radiate light like the sun, the highest possible ideal

July 28th 2023

When we concentrate on the sun, which is the centre of our universe, we draw closer to our own centre, our higher Self, our inner sun; we unite with it and begin, little by little, to resemble it. But to concentrate on the sun also means to mobilize all one’s thoughts, feelings and desires in the service of the highest possible ideal. Those who work to unify the multitude of conflicting forces that try to pull them every which way, and launch them in a single, luminous, salutary direction, become such a potent focal point that they are able to radiate light throughout space. Yes, human beings who succeed in mastering the leanings of their lower nature become like the sun and impart something beneficial to the whole of humankind. Their freedom is such that their field of consciousness expands to the dimensions of the whole human race, on whom they pour out the superabundance of light and love that flows from their own being.*

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