Devil’s role

Getting human beings who break the laws to behave

August 11th 2023

Perhaps, one day, walking through the countryside you have seen a little girl keeping watch over cows in a field. Beside her sits a loving dog that helps her to herd the cows. Suddenly one of the animals strays into the neighbour’s field and the girl sends her dog to bring it back. The faithful dog runs off barking and nipping at the cow’s heels until it is safely back in its master’s field. Afterwards, the dog comes back and lies beside the little girl again, satisfied that it has done a good job and ready to obey her again. This explains the role set out for the devil.* As long as human beings are careful not to break any laws or wander off into forbidden territory, they will not be tormented or pursued. But as soon as they stray, the Creator sends the devil to chivvy them and nip at their heels, that is to say, to give them all kinds of problems. The devil may seem like a fierce dog that is hostile to human beings, but as soon as they begin to behave themselves, he leaves them alone.

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