Trees and human beings

In both, the highest is linked to the lowest

September 11th 2023

It can happen that people, who have for years been absolute pillars of morality and virtue, suddenly fall prey to an all-consuming passion, and start to indulge in all kinds of excesses and vice. Conversely, we have heard of people who have committed crimes or lived a life of debauchery, who then become saints and models of goodness, purity and sacrifice. Both scenarios are difficult to comprehend, and yet they become intelligible if we know that for human beings, as for trees, the highest is linked to the lowest, and vice-versa. Have you noticed how the branches of trees are linked to the roots? As the branches grow, becoming longer and thicker, the roots also develop, sinking deeper and deeper into the ground. So long as human beings do not know how the higher world is linked with the lower world,* and do not look to Initiatic Science to find out how this link works, many phenomena of their psychic life will remain impossible for them to control.

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