We can take away their power

October 8th 2023

One of people’s greatest misfortunes is that they do not know what attitude they should adopt towards their weaknesses and flaws. The greater our flaw, the more frightened and humiliated we are, the more we are daunted by it. However, it should be just the opposite. Who created this flaw? We ourselves, whether consciously or not. This flaw is the fruit of our ill will, our dark desires or our lack of knowledge. At first, this flaw was tiny – a negative thought or feeling that we kept inside and nurtured – then it snowballed into something bigger, it became a mountain, a vice we can no longer get rid of. In any case, we are its creator. The greater the vice, the greater the proof of our strength, since it is we who have given it the power it manifests. And so, if it derives its power from us, why shouldn’t we be able to strip it of that power?*

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