Matter and spirit

Achieving the fusion of both

October 12th 2023

Ideally, we should possess both form and force, that is to say, matter and spirit. It is bad to crystalize yourself in matter, because events will break you. However, if you abandon matter to live only in the spirit, it may be wonderful, but you will have to go and live in the next world – which is not recommended. The ideal is to achieve a fusion of form and spirit: to protect the form so that it is not broken by spiritual forces, while keeping the fire of the spirit alive so that the form may be constantly animated. All the materialists who cling to the form will be swept away by cosmic currents. All the civilizations, all the religions that are stuck in their old forms will be broken by the surging powers of renewal. Everything must be renewed; there is no shelter on earth for that which refuses to evolve.*

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