Seed or the pit – no part of the fruit is more important

November 12th 2023

No part of a fruit is more important than the seed, thanks to which you can have thousands of acres of fruit trees. For nature, the essential part of a fruit is the seed; the seed or the pit is all it cares about. If nature has wrapped them in a little flesh, it is simply a way of attracting birds and people so that they will plant those seeds. Symbolically speaking, the seed or the pit represents the spirit; the flesh represents the space of the soul in which life circulates, and the skin is the material envelope, the physical body. There is no denying that the physical body is important. It is like a flask that prevents the perfume from evaporating; it retains the soul and spirit. However, the true person is not the body, but that minute, invisible point contained somewhere inside, which thinks, loves and creates. The fact that Cosmic Intelligence allows the physical body to die and be buried proves that it attaches very little importance to it, whereas the spirit, which is immortal, is called back to the heavenly regions from which it came.*

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