Kingdom of god

By wishing for it, we elevate ourselves and help humanity

November 22nd 2023

Many people think that they are justified in leading a mediocre life on the pretext that they have no special gifts or qualities and no position in society. No, this is not a valid excuse. Even the poorest of the poor are capable of reaching a higher state of consciousness and working to help, enlighten and succour all of humanity. Some people will say, ‘It’s an impossible task; there are far too many people in the world and I’m so insignificant!’ Obviously, you will not establish the kingdom of God on earth overnight, but if you wish for it sincerely, all your strength and energy will be aimed towards achieving it. As it is a sublime, divine work, it will begin by having an effect on you: it will elevate and ennoble you, and since every action produces a reaction, in one way or another you will have a good influence on those around you.*

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