Heavenly source

By linking ourselves to it, our own source can spring forth

December 26th 2023

It is by linking ourselves to the heavenly Source that our own source can begin to spring forth. It must flow first of all in our hearts, through love. Whatever happens, whatever the bitter experiences, disappointments or trials, we must always keep the spring of love open within us for this is how the heart is purified. In our intellect, the divine Source flows down as light.* Thanks to this light, we can avoid pitfalls and obstacles; we can see the path ahead of us and follow it confidently. When the divine Source penetrates our soul, it opens it out to the far reaches of the universe. We lose ourselves in immensity; we bear all creatures within us; we embrace the whole world. And when at last we have succeeded in making the divine Source flow in our heart, intellect and soul, it merges with the primordial Source, which is our spirit, which is God Himself. In this way, we become powerful with the power of God.

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