Ask for heaven’s opinion when you need guidance

January 14th 2024
When you sense that you have found a philosophy that is true, try to follow it without asking anyone’s opinion. If you absolutely want to ask questions, ask them of your own soul, your spirit or the God within. You will object that you have never had any answers from them. Well, you are mistaken; when you question the divine principle within you, you always receive an answer. If you fail to hear the answer, it is because the walls of your consciousness are too thick. Make the walls of your consciousness thinner, and you will see that you receive an answer every time.
When you need guidance, address your request to heaven in all sincerity from the depths of your being. Once you have made your request, stop thinking about it, and the answer will come. It may take a long time or it may come very soon. It may be brought to you by a bird, a sound, a phrase, another person or a dream. Of course, this requires that you be very attentive, but if you are, you will be amazed to see by what means the invisible world answers us.*
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