It does not exist in the absence of submission to god

January 21st 2024
There is only one way to be in full possession of our freedom, and that is to take the upward path. How can we do this? By trying to do the will of the Creator. Freedom does not exist in the absence of submission to God, to Him whom the Psalms call the Most High, and who is power, wisdom and love.
By distancing themselves from the Creator, whether consciously or unconsciously, people think that they are freeing themselves. In reality, they become enslaved by inferior entities who try to seduce and dominate them, just as the serpent seduced Adam and Eve and led to their expulsion from Paradise. For the serpent of Genesis symbolizes a whole category of malevolent beings who, having rebelled against God, want to drag human beings into their rebellion. This is why, in order to regain our lost freedom, we now have to join forces with the luminous entities that have always remained faithful to the Lord.*
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