He gave depth and breadth to the religion of his forebears

February 13th 2024
Several passages in the Gospels make it clear that Jesus respected certain aspects of the old order and the precepts received from Moses. But at the same time, he wanted to lead human beings further along the path of true religion.
For a spiritual master has exactly the same concerns as any other teacher: he must help his disciples to make spiritual progress just as educators try to help all their students to progress. He knows that many will be incapable of following his more advanced ideas and projects, but does this mean that he should neglect the few who are capable and who are eager to advance? Why should he set the bar at the level of the weakest and most limited? A master must keep urging human beings forward. Jesus did not destroy the religion of his forebears. He gave it greater depth and breadth, and internalized it. And if he returned today he would do the same with Christianity.*
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