Everything in nature breathes, even the earth itself

February 27th 2024
Inhaling and exhaling, the ebb and flow of the two movements by which we alternately fill and empty our lungs: this is what keeps us alive. But breathing is a universal phenomenon. Everything in nature breathes – animals, plants, and even the earth itself.
Yes, since the earth is alive, it, too, needs to inhale and exhale. Of course, the rhythm of the earth’s breathing is not eighteen breaths a minute like ours. It stretches over so many years that it is imperceptible to us. But it, too, dilates and contracts; its dimensions are never exactly the same. In fact, it is possible that earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, and such are due to this expansion and contraction. The earth is alive and it breathes; the stars, too, breathe. They breathe in, they breathe out, and their breathing is felt by us in the form of influences.*
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