Everyone unconsciously practises black or white magic

March 12th 2024
Most people find the word ‘magic’ disturbing and are horrified if it is mentioned in their presence. And yet everyone practises magic; yes, on an unconscious level that is all they do. According to the laws of divine justice, every negative thought and bad feeling is in itself black magic, because it sullies and destroys. Conversely, all that brings harmony, all that is constructive, that brings beauty and enlightens, belongs to the category of white magic.
So, rather than protesting whenever magic is mentioned, human beings would do better to become conscious of the importance of how they behave. Yes, we see many people who have never opened a book about black magic, who do not even believe that such a thing exists, but those same people, because of the way they behave, think, feel and speak, are, in fact, veritable black magicians.*
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