To purify and illuminate everything about us

April 5th 2024
The way must be open so that life may flow, light may shine through, and celestial currents may enter: this is an immutable law of nature. Why are gemstones so valuable? Because they let the light shine through them. If nature has managed to work with astonishing success on certain materials, refining, purifying and colouring them to produce the marvels we admire today – crystals, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, topaz, rubies, and so on – why shouldn’t human beings accomplish the same work on themselves?
What are prayer and meditation? They are the very activities that enable us to purify and illuminate everything within us, until one day, we become as transparent as gemstones, and the Lord, who appreciates precious stones, will then place us in his crown. This is symbolic, of course, but it is absolutely true.*
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