Occult sciences and initiatic science

The difference

May 12th 2024
Initiatic Science does not teach the occult sciences; it teaches spiritual science. In the occult sciences light and darkness are mixed together, and many occultists who have steeped themselves in the dark regions of these sciences in the hope of using their knowledge to obtain money, women or powers have come to a bad end.
The occult sciences promise a great deal; they tell you that a special perfume, talisman or magic gem will bring you fortune, love and worldly success. Books on the occult abound, and people who are full of lust dabble in them in search of quick and easy ways to satisfy their desires. This is why black magic is so prevalent in the world today. Whereas there are few candidates for the practice of white magic, or theurgy, for very few people have freed themselves from their baser desires and are eager to communicate with the divine world. We must never use esoteric science to satisfy our greed, only to perfect ourselves and help humanity.*
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