Magic wand

An instrument that links heaven and earth

May 15th 2024
What is a magic wand? It is an instrument that links heaven and earth, that ensures a contact between heaven – the inner psychic world – and earth – the outer, physical world – so that an idea, a wish, an image may be given form and fruition in matter.*
When Jesus pronounced the words of the Lord’s Prayer, ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’, he was accomplishing an act of magic, for his words created a link between the higher and the lower worlds. And he asks all human beings to work this magic, to draw down light and purity from above so that the earth becomes a reflection of heaven. The only way to achieve this ideal is to be linked to heaven, to put one’s whole being into maintaining this contact with heaven so as to keep the current flowing. A magic wand is like an electrical plug that each one of us must plug in to heaven.
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