Doing the will of god in order to win it

May 26th 2024
Our freedom depends on our degree of evolution. This means that for a human being, just as for any other creature, absolute freedom does not exist. Only God the Creator is truly free. Even the angels and archangels, even the cherubim and the seraphim are not absolutely free. All created beings, both angels and humans, are dependent on the Creator, and their degree of freedom is proportionate to their position in the immense hierarchy of beings.
The only way to win our freedom is to turn back to the upward path. How can we do this? By trying to do the will of our Creator. There can be no freedom except in submission to God. When we do His will, God manifests Himself in us, and it is because He is free and because He is within us that we, too, feel free: we are free in His freedom.*
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