A black god because he is the light beyond all light

June 2nd 2024
When we open our window in the morning and get a glimpse of the sun, we are happy to see its light, feel its warmth, and soak up the life that it spreads throughout the universe. But if we could rise above the earth and get closer to the sun, we might find something dark and obscure that would not make us happy at all. This is a mystery that needs to be explored further.
In ancient Egypt, when a disciple attained the ultimate degree of initiation, the high priest would whisper in his ear, ‘Osiris is a black god. Osiris is darkness, three times darkness.’ How could Osiris, the god of light and of the sun, be black? The disciple was troubled by this, for darkness symbolizes evil and the unknowable.* Could he have sought light, have run the full course, only to discover darkness? The reality is that Osiris is so luminous that he seems dark. He is the light beyond all light.
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