It limits us, obliging us to undertake special work

June 13th 2024
Matter restricts and imprisons us. It is an obstacle between us and the spiritual world, which was not meant to paralyze or bury us under mounds of rubble, but to oblige us to carry out special work on it. For those who moan, ‘I feel so limited and shackled. How did I ever get into this mess? And how can I get out of it?’ there is only one answer: work with love, wisdom and willpower. Get back on the upward path. Do not wait to be completely incapacitated.
Picture someone wading in a pool of cement: as long as it is still wet he can step out of it. But if he is absent-minded and starts thinking of something else, the cement will harden and he will be trapped. Now the cement will have to be broken apart at the risk of hurting him.* Yes, this is how it is: time hardens things, and if you delay getting out of certain states, you will soon be permanently stuck. When you abandon yourself to the comforts and pleasures of the material world, you distance yourself from the divine world and, all too often, the very things in which you expected to find freedom and happiness bring you only servitude and suffering.
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