Umbilical cord

With the mother, with the nature, with god

June 25th 2024
When human beings incarnate on earth, they begin by spending nine months in the womb in which they are linked to their mother by the umbilical cord. After nine months, this cord must be cut so that they may live their own life as individuals. It is at this point that we say a person is born. But in order to go on living, humans still have to be linked to the universe by a more tenuous, fluidic cord, and the day this cord is cut, they die. Finally, there is a third, even subtler cord that links us to God.
It is this cord that many people cut in their minds, and although they may say, ‘We are alive, as you can well see’, the truth is that they are dead. Something essential within them has died. Having severed their link with the source of divine light and warmth, they drift away and lose themselves in the cold and dark. They are spiritually dead. They may still be alive on the physical plane, because they have not yet cut the umbilical cord that ties them to Mother Nature, but on the spiritual level they are dead, and this spiritual death inevitably has repercussions on every aspect of their existence.*
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